Kishore Kumar S/O Rajan

My close bond with APRO started in 2014, when I took my first course – Supervise Security Officers. I climbed through the ranks within the few years of my Security Career and it was then that I had decided to pursue and attain the Diploma in Security Management with APRO in 2016, after I had the opportunity take up a management level position

Some of the modules such as Manage Security Operations and Assess and Manage Security Risk Control Measures posed as a tough challenge, but the guidance and coaching by the trainers made it possible for me to clear them in one attempt!

Trainers such as Mr Chellan, Mr Rama and Team are dedicated to ensured that all candidates receive the best in terms of learning experience and the knowledge of the subjects. They also ensure that all candidates, be it young or old can understand to the best of their ability and gives them the confidence to do their best during assessments and assignments. With that, I had finally completed my Diploma course in 2017.

The admin team play an equal vital role at APRO Training Centre. They ensured that all necessary registration and process are in place before the course commencement. They are very patient, polite and efficient.

I will definitely recommend my fellow colleagues and friends in the security industry to put 100% trust and confidence in APRO, and to enjoy their learning experience with them. Keep up the good work, APRO!