Frequently asked questions

Q1 – If I have taken similar security training offered by other programs that are not aligned to Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) system, will I be exempted from any of the Security WSQ modules?

Answer – If the security officer is trained in training systems other than the National Skills Recognition System (NSRS), he may seek recognition through the assessment-only pathway. The purpose of the assessment-only pathway is to recognize any relevant training or work experience that may indicate he already has the competencies. The method of recognition through the assessment-only pathway may come in several forms such as a challenge test, interview or submission of a portfolio of evidence. For more information, you may contact POLWEL Co-Operative Approved Assessment Organisation (AAO) at +65 6538 3243 for more Assessment-Only-Pathways details.


Q2 – I am a security officer, I already have the 2 licensing modules under the NSRS. Does it mean I must take these modules again under the Security WSQ to get my Certificate in Security Operations? Will I be exempted and allowed to transit into Security WSQ?

Answer – A security officer who has obtained the two licensing modules under the NSRS will be exempted from taking these corresponding Security WSQ modules to obtain the qualifications. In other words, if he/she has been trained and certified in those NSRS modules and obtained the National Skills Certificates, he/she is recognised as having already taken these modules under the Security WSQ. Though there will not be retrospective issuing of WSQ Statement of Attainment, the National Skills Certificate previously obtained shall be proof that the security officer has obtained those competencies when seeking to gain the Certificate or Advanced Certificate qualifications.


Q3 – If I have many years of working experience in the security industry and am competent in many of the areas offered under the Security WSQ system, can I be recognized for them?

Answer – Yes. A security officer may take the Assessment Only Pathway or Recognition of Prior Learning which may come in several forms such as a challenge test, interview or submission of a portfolio of evidence. If assessed competent, he would be certified and recognized for the competencies he applied. For more information, you may contact POLWEL Co-Operative Approved Assessment Organisation (AAO) at +65 6538 3243 for more Assessment-Only-Pathways details.


Q4 – If I have been previously exempted from training in National Skills Recognition System (NSRS) by the SIRD, can I be exempted from taking the two licensing modules to attain the Certificate level qualification in the Security WSQ?

Answer – The exemption from taking the prerequisite WSQ/NSRS modules to meet licensing requirements for appointment as a security officer is laid down by SIRD’s licensing conditions. Under the Security WSQ, as long as the security officer attains the required modules required for the Certificate level qualification, he will qualify for the full Security WSQ Certificate level qualification.


Q5 – What is the role of the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD)?

Answer – The PLRD administers and regulates the various licensing regimes, namely: public entertainment, liquor, massage establishments, second-hand goods dealers, private lotteries, house-to-house & street collections, arms & explosives and private security industry. To ensure the effective licensing and regulation of the various sectors under its purview, the PLRD will constantly keep abreast of developments in the sectors, formulate clear and consistent regulatory policies, set standards and requirements for the sectors and ensure compliance to them. In short, the PLRD aims to effectively regulate the sectors under the various licensing regimes in support of the Singapore Police Force’s mission.


Q6 – What is the role of the SkillsFuture Singapore(SSG)?

Answer – SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Education (MOE). It will drive and coordinate the implementation of the national SkillsFuture movement, promote a culture and holistic system of lifelong learning through the pursuit of skills mastery, and strengthen the ecosystem of quality education and training in Singapore. SSG will strengthen the adult training infrastructure by taking on all existing functions of the Committee for Private Education (CPE) and the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) to enhance the capabilities and professionalism of adult educators. SSG will play a key role in the quality assurance for private education institutions and adult training centres. Together with educational institutions and training partners, SSG will ensure that students and working adults have access to high quality, industry-relevant training throughout life. SSG will also bring together synergies in continuing education and training (CET) and pre-employment training (PET), so skills requirements will continue to meet the demands of different sectors of the economy.


Q7 – Could I just take the Security WSQ Courses in order to qualify as a Security Officer?

Answer – To be a security officer, you need to obtain an approval and license from the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD). Hence, we advise you to first obtain your approved license from PLRD if you have an intention to be a security officer. There could be opportunity cost of time and resources wasted if you decide to enroll for Security WSQ courses without obtaining your approved license from PLRD. For more information on licence application, visit our guide here.