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“Awesome trainers with a fun and enjoyable way of teaching!”

Letter of Appreciation for Mr. Chellan Rajandran, Training Manager

We are absolutely thrilled, to salute a trainer, advisor, manager and a true friend, Mr. Chellan, for the valuable services rendered, as a professional trainer and his utmost efficiency and sincerity. We have been utilizing the services at APRO Training Centre since 2016, from the stages of the Advanced Certificate in Security Supervision till the completion of the Diploma in Security Management.

Mr. Chellan, is usually the first manager arriving at the training centre and one of the last to depart. We have noticed on many occasions, Mr. Chellan constantly and tirelessly walking the corridors of the training centre, and talking to almost everyone, and enquiring on their progress. He has always been there for us. Simply Amazing! We have completed our mission at APRO Training Centre, but the LOVE and CARE for APRO Training Centre, will always be in our hearts. THANK YOU! APRO Training Centre, for the excellent service and transfer of knowledge!

THANK YOU MR. CHELLAN!! For the passion in your endeavours and your GENUINE LOVE for all students and colleagues.

Best Wishes, Diploma in Security Management, CLASS OF 2018

Jasli Bin Bibon

Certificate in Security Apro Training Centre is a good place to study and upgrade yourself.  I have gained alot of knowledge from attending OBSE in Dec 2022.  Thank you

Tan Chuan Boon

Advance Certificate in Security I would like to congratulate the team of APRO trainers and sales staff (especially Emily) for the great help rendered. Siti for the admin work done also. I would highly recommend my fellow colleagues to come APRO for their course and rank upgrade. Keep up the good work!

Lee Kuan Yong

Advanced Certificate in Security I sincerely would like to thank all the Apro trainers for teaching me the knowledge/experience/skills! Now I can be a qualified Security Supervisor and apply what I have learnt from my outstanding Apro trainers to mega events!

Meri S Preece

Certificate in Security I have been taking all the security modules from basic courses until diploma level with Apro Training Centre. I am a big fan of yours. All the courses are delivered with high professionalism and are very well organised. Trainers have a very comprehensive method of teaching, very informative, incredibly useful.

M A Logannathan

Certificate in Security This is my 1st enrollment in Apro Training Centre. The training was very good by Mr Muthu. Looking forward for more training with Apro...

Fun Tow Keng

Certificate in Security I attended HSIS course at YMCA from 20 – 23 Mar 23. My trainer, Mr Winston Ho is an excellent Trainer. He will guide and taught us a lot during the training. Sale consultant, Ms Elaine & Prislette was very polite, helpful & friendly. I would like to credit Winston, Elaine & Prislette for their excellent work at Apro Training Centre.

Chia Lee Keng

Certificate in SecurityMr Stanley is an excellent Trainer for the X-RAY course. He will guide and encourage the weak students. His class did very well. I also scored very well under his guidance too.

Lee Lian Jock

Advance Certificate in Security I attended ISP module from 16 – 18 Nov 22 at APRO Training Centre. My Trainer, Mr Mac is very organized and friendly. Sales consultant, Ms Elaine is very helpful and responsive in my request.

Lim Wei Meng

Diploma in Security I am Wei Meng, a student who has completed and passed the MSO module on 17 Nov 22. I am writing to compliment Mr Toh Poh Leng, my trainer. Mr Toh has been an extremely kind and patient, who always takes an extra effort to ensure his students have a thorough comprehension of the contents covered. He is also passionate about teaching and often shares his personal experience to aid in his student's understanding on this difficult module. I appreciate his dedication and hard work, which enabled us to complete the project according to POLWEL requirements. He is an asset and a role model for APRO.

Koh K H, Vincent

Certificate / Advance Certificate in Security I am Koh K H, Vincent, attended 2 courses (XRAY & ISP) at APRO Training Centre recently.  My trainer was Mr Christopher and Mr Chellan. They both are very knowledgeable, patient, responsible trainers and taught the trainees very well. All of us in class were fully understand about the lessons taught and did well for our assessments. Ms Elaine, sale executive is also very helpful and help me alot when I have doubts about SS courses.  Her explanation is clear and very helpful to me. She is knowledgeable when i ask about the courses I am interested to take. I will enroll more courses with her and also recommend to my classmates and friends. Thank you.  Elaine, Christopher and Chellan.

See Lub Hok

Diploma in Security I have done 21 modules with APRO Training Centre. The Trainers are professional and training materials are useful. I will recommend my friends to do their security courses with APRO Training Centre.

Wang Poh San

Advance Certificate in Security I would like to send my heartfelt appreciation of the service and assistance rendered by APRO Training Centre’s Senior Sales Executive, Ms Emily Miclat Mallari. Ms Emily had displayed cognitive empathy for my course schedule situation and her “go-the-extra-mile” service had assisted me in overcoming my circumstances so that I am able to participate and complete my course. I would like to take the opportunity to say ‘Thank you’ to your entire team as well as Emily for your excellent service render to me. 21 March 2023

Teo Wee Leng

Advance Certificate in Security I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to my trainer, Mr Muthu for guiding us how to focus and making the words easier for us to understand. Thank him for being the trainer to my PSDWLF class on 24 to 27 May 22 at Devan Nair Institute. He is a very approachable trainer.

Arumugam Pitchay

Diploma in Security I attended Manage Security Agency Within Legal Framework conducted by trainer Mr Toh Poh Leng. The trainer has exceptional qualities. He was very patient in attending to all the participants' queries.

Muhd Umar

Advanced Certificate in Security I attended Conduct Operation Briefing and Debriefing from 28 Mar to 30 Mar under trainer Mr Toh Poh Leng. It is a well-conducted course. Mr Toh is a helpful trainer and very attentive to participants' needs. It was overall a good experience.

Freddie Chua

Certificate in Security Congrats APRO. You have a very committed instructor, Mr Toh Poh Leng. He is very diligent and helpful towards the trainees. I've attended 13 security courses and never have I seen a instructor like Mr Toh.

Chin Fook Loong

Advanced Certificate in Security After completing my MRSO module this morning, I proceeded to register for other SSS module, CSMI. Elaine was the staff that assisted me in the registration. She is not merely efficient in the registration process, she went on the extra mile to enlighten me on the modules for CSO level too. In addition, she advised me on the requirements for the various awards and matters on the Security Agency License. In short, she did not hesitate to answer my enquiries beyond the registration matters. Indeed it is commendable and a good role model.

S. Ng

Certificate in Security This is my second course conducted by Stanley. I am very satisfied with his teaching. I believe he has vast experience and he brings his experience to the classroom where it is much appreciated. He makes the class more interesting; making us understand how to deal with each situation in real life instead of some text book answers.

Narayanasamy Gogelavany

Diploma in SecurityMr Muthu is a very good trainer. He is very proactive, gave many tips on how to go about doing the project. It is my first time attending this course and I enjoyed my session. The trainer made sure that we are focused with no distractions. I got useful advice from him. Very gratifying experience. I will come back to do other diploma courses with Apro!

Saih Teck Huat

Certificate in Security Mr Mac is good Trainer because: 1. He is warm and friendly 2. He makes it easy for students to understand the lesson

Louis Ignatius Tan

Certificate in Security Kudos to our trainer, Mr Lye Chee Koon for doing such a great job in sharing his vast knowledge with us. He is very interesting and makes learning easier. I would love to come back here with Mr Lye teaching!

Loh Boon Hock

Diploma in Security I just attended two days training course of "Manage Performance of Security Personnel" by Mr. Rama on 16-17th December 2021. I would like to give some comments about Mr. Rama, professional trainer. He always maintains good eye-contact with students. He makes the class feel energized.

Wee Chui Bee Paulene

Certificate in Security Feon has always provided me with consistent professional, excellent, patient and caring services. Thumbs up! Trainer Mr Lye Chee Koon is an excellent and professional trainer with patience. I enjoyed his training lessons very much.

M. Ramasamy

Certificate in Security This is in appreciation of the service and assistance rendered by Ms Nurul Shahida. She is very well-informed and is very patient. She is an asset to the company. Thank you.

Eddie Tan

Certificate in Security Lecturer Samer has a excellent attitude with superb subject matter experience and knowledge. Looking forward to his smooth career progression and good health!

Mikhail Foo Gim Siew

Certificate in Security Mr Sam, my course trainer/facilitator, helped me to understand the requirements of the course. I am now aware of the responsibilities of a vehicle screening officer and the expectations that the job entails. My course mates and I agreed that without Mr Sam's guidance, we would not have done well on this course.

Gunalan Ramalingam

Certificate in Security My teacher Mr Sam was helpful and it was very easy to understand the class with Mr Sam's teaching.

Kader Mahathir

Certificate in Security The vehicle screening course conducted by Mr Sam was very easily understandable. He was an effective trainer, the lesson was easy to understand and it was useful.

Ng Chee Yew

Certificate in Security My trainer, Mr Sam, was helpful and it was very easy to understand with his teaching.

A. B. Ariffin

Certificate in Security Mr Sam (trainer) was awesome, he's able to simplify the points for student's understanding. The guidance given was exceptionally good, adding value to my knowledge on performing my daily duties. This also provides good value to my security agency. Thank you.

Kughan SO Krishnan

Certificate in Security The instructor was very patient with us. Taught us the module very efficiently. We were not bored nor worried and the whole class was engaged with the knowledge and skills which were shared to us.

Mikhail Foo Gim Siew

Certificate in Security Mr Lye is my trainer and during the X-ray course, he has demonstrated great dedication to his profession. He personally saw that each of us was able to perform well on the computer-based mock test. He also went to great lengths to conduct role-plays for each of us.

Gurdip Kaur Mrs Lee Chee Tuck

Certificate in Security I attended all three courses - PGPS, HSIS & RTT in YMCA under the guidance of Mr Ramadass. Under his tutelage, I found him to be actively involved. He is friendly, well-versed and informative. Mr Rama showed us he cares and wants us all to pass the courses that he taught. He is ever so pleasant and extremely patient.

Dev Anand S/O Jagtar Singh

Certificate in Security I would like to offer my greatest gratitude to all the trainers from DNI and YMCA who have came into my life to train me. Make me understand the role and job satisfaction of being in the security line.

Gaayatiri Palaninathan

Certificate in Security I have completed basic SO and SSO courses and I am currently pursuing additional PAPP, bag check and X-ray screening courses. I strongly recommend APRO. Nothing short of sheer excellence in lectures delivered by highly competent and motivating lecturers and trainers.

Richard Wee

Certificate in Security I found the training ambience in Apro Training Centre excellent and conducive for good learning. My trainer, Mr Sam, have adopted a very professional...

Angelina Yap

Certificate in Security I am congratulating Apro Training Centre for having such a responsible, patient, helpful, understanding and courteous trainer, Mr Muthu...

Mohd Noh Bin Tahik

Certificate in Security A very good trainer, Mr Muthu guided us very well and coached us till we have confident to go for the assessment.

Raymond Lin

Certificate in Security The trainer conducted his lessons professionally, lively and thoroughly. He is able to focus on the different learning curves of individual trainees at all times. I truly enjoyed his lessons...

David Kong

Certificate in Security Apro Training Centre is one of the well-known training centres with the full X-ray machine equipment. I am very delighted to attend this course with an experienced and friendly trainer - Mr Muthu.

Lim Gek Cheng

Certificate in Security I write to compliment Mr Muthu (trainer) as follows: Contribute his effort to assist me on course Thoughtful and considerate Put excellent effort to assist and help me in my PAPP course Give me confidence and courage

Low Kok Hoong

Diploma in Security Management I started my security courses with other training centre, but upon trying out Apro Training Centre, I stayed with Apro since. The customer service officers are friendly and helpful. Most of the time, Serena would provide assistance to me. I must say she provided great help to me. Trainers Mr Chellan, Mr Rama and team...

Ng Aik Joo

Certificate in Security A few words on my positive encounters when I was at Apro Training Centre for the Recognise Terrorist Threats (RTT) course. The enrollment was a breeze. Miss Elaine Ma was very helpful and efficient. She explained the course fee structure very well, and helped me to log-on and go through with me the Skillsfuture website...

Chew Yew Chor

Certificate in Security I wish to express my appreciation and gratitude to Mr Chellan for his excellent method of teaching. I shall always remember him and his noble qualities as a model trainer and hope more and more students may benefit from his excellent work. Learning was indeed a pleasure in his class. 14 September 2019

Richard Tan

Diploma in Security Management I had a pleasant experience at Apro Training Centre. The admin staff were efficient to help me register for my Diploma courses. Their expertise have helped me plan my course systematically and hence allowed me to progress through the modules easily, which gave me a better understanding in each module I was taking. The trainers...

Isaiah Tampubolon

Diploma in Security Management I want to express my appreciation to Mr Mac Newman for a wonderful and instructive module and for Apro Training Centre for the very pleasant and conducive environment for learning at Devan Nair Institute. I look forward to taking more relevant courses with Apro Training Centre. I highly recommend Apro Training Centre for their professionalism,...

Koh Kheng Soon

Certificate in Security Up to now, I have attended 8 security courses in Apro and now I am continuing with my SS courses. I am very delighted to attend course in Apro. The customer service, cozy environment and professional trainers are excellent. I am always served by friendly counter staff (Ms Serena Ng, Ms Prislette, Ms Winglei). I...

Seah Cheng Kim

Advanced Certificate in Security Mr Toh Poh Leng is very helpful, dedicated, courteous. He put a lot of effort to make sure that we understand the lessons well. I am very thankful to him for being a very good teacher. He guided us very well throughout the 3-day course. We were lucky to have him as our trainer. Thank...

Andre Morris

Diploma in Security Management I have been attending WSQ security training at APRO Training Centre and found my learning experience very rewarding. The trainers are great facilitators who are very experienced and knowledgeable. Besides covering the course topics, they were also able to share practical tips for us to apply in our jobs. The course materials were well-organised and...

Arumugam Padmanathan

Diploma in Security Management I would like to tender my appreciation to the facilitator Mr Timotheus Kay Liang Lee for his teaching of the course on “Manage Performance of Security Personnel”. He was meticulous in covering all aspects of the course material. His coverage of teaching is helpful in the application of skills in the course of my work....

Kishore Kumar S/O Rajan

Diploma in Security Management My close bond with APRO started in 2014, when I took my first course – Supervise Security Officers. I climbed through the ranks within the few years of my Security Career and it was then that I had decided to pursue and attain the Diploma in Security Management with APRO in 2016, after I had...

Md Edrie Bin Abdullah

Advanced Certificate in Security Supervision I’m glad that I came to APRO Training Centre and Ms. Emily was kind enough to advise me on the available courses. Within two months, I completed my 7 modules to attain my Advanced…

Peter Tan Chan Kwee

Advanced Certificate in Security Supervision All these trainers are very strict in their training, but one can see that they are determined to get 100% passing rate. That's not an easy task to accomplish!

Weers Lawrence Norman

P&P Security Services Pte Ltd, Advanced Certificate in Security Supervision The training at APRO has helped me in my career progression. The knowledge I gained from training was useful for my work. As a result of my training, the company could...

Gwendolyn Susan Loo

P&P Security Services Pte Ltd, Managing Director I had the opportunity to be trained there and found the environment and dedication of the trainers more than met our expectations.  We were confident that APRO would be able to provide...

Eric Wu Yaochu

Certificate in Security Operations The trainer, Chellan was very passionate in teaching the participants. He is very patient and showed lots of enthusiasm in the phrase of the training...

Hui Kok Leong, Tony

Advanced Certificate in Security Supervision APRO Training Centre has numerous trainers which are very professional, experience, knowledgeable, friendly, patient and they are very approachable…

Lim Hwee Fong, Alicia

Diploma in Security Management APRO Training Centre is one of the best Training Institutions that I have ever attended. The staffs are very friendly and helpful. Their smiles make me every morning feeling refresh…

Tan Teng Leng, Clement

Certificate in Security Operations & Diploma in Security Management I am a retired Police Officer who has embarked on lifelong learning both as a hobby and as a determinant to acquire training as a post-retirement career…

V Palani Bala Mani

Advanced Certificate in Security Supervision I would recommend APRO Training Centre to anyone who is considering entering or upgrading in this very worthwhile sector...