Funding for employer-based training

Course Fee and Absentee Payroll Funding are available for employers who sponsor employees for training.

Kindly refer to the table below for the computation of funding: Link to Funding for Employer Based Training
Once the Training Grant Application submitted in SkillsConnect has been approved, you can view the full funding details that has been accorded.

Training Grant application can be submitted up to 30 days before the course start date and no later than 30 days after course start date.

Criteria to note when applying for Training Grant: Candidates must be ‘Competent’ for all assessments and achieve a 75% attendance for the course.

In any case of Training Grant rejections, APRO Training Centre reserves the rights to bill the full course fee amount to the company.

Steps to apply for Training Grant:

1. Go to
2. Log in with SingPass / CorpPass.
3. Go to organization profile. (If you have only Individual profile, please contact
SSG to set up your organization profile.)
4. Create Application.
5. Type in ‘APRO’ under Training Organisation in Course Search listing. Press ‘Search’.
Look for the correct course with positive values. There should be 6 pages of courses.
Do not choose the course with a ZERO value.
6. Fill in necessary fields.

7. Submit application when done.
8. The system will display the Acknowledgement Page. Please take note of the reference number.
9. The application will then be routed to APRO for endorsement, and then submitted to SSG for approval.
10. Invoice will be generated after trainee attends the course and the training grant is approved.
11. APRO will submit the Adhoc Claim within 120 days from course end date to SSG, once your company’s
payment to us is cleared.
12. After the claim is approved by SSG, absentee payroll will be disbursed into your company’s GIRO account registered with SSG. (Information about Absentee Payroll: SkillsConnect)