Assessment appeal process

If any trainee does not agree with the outcome of the assessment, he/she may make an appeal as follows:

APRO Assessment:

1. A prescribed Appeal Form will be given to the trainee to make the appeal to APRO Training Centre Pte Ltd (ATC) within 07 working days from the date of assessment. Payment for appeal fees to be made upon submitting the Appeal Form.
2. A committee comprising Training Manager, Assessor and Adult Educator will review the assessment papers and prepare Appeal Report within 14 calendar days. The Appeal Report will be sent to the trainee.
3. The result will be updated accordingly thereafter.

POLWEL Assessment:

1. Trainee submits the prescribed Appeal Form and pay the appeal fees due to POLWEL through APRO Training Centre.
2. The duly completed appeal form will be sent to POLWEL, who will contact the trainee directly after the appeal review is completed.
3. The result will be updated accordingly thereafter.