Loh Boon Hock

I just attended two days training course of “Manage Performance of Security Personnel” by Mr. Rama on 16-17th December 2021.
I would like to give some comments about Mr. Rama, professional trainer.

    • He always maintains good eye-contact with students.
    • He makes the class feel energized
    • There is always two-way communication which make the class more interesting
    • His teaching is very systematic , structure and easy to be understood
    • He is very patient in explaining to students who sometimes have difficulty understanding the terminologies
    • He responds professionally to the questions from students
    • Active listening and provide answers with his working experience with respectful response
    • He demonstrates patience and respectful guidance when interacting with students
    • Builds the strong positive rapport in the two days of course with the students
    • He also demonstrates passion and enthusiasm to the subject matter
    • He stays current with the latest security trends of technologies and share with us openly
    • Even though he had the mask on, we can feel that he always maintain his smiles and positive attitude to us
    • His ability to convey the course content effectively
    • He encourages students’ participation to share working experience

Mr. Rama’s manager should be very proud of his subordinate with performance exceed student’s expectation. He is definitely an asset to APRO.

20 Dec 2021