Gwendolyn Susan Loo

APRO Training Center is a WSQ Approved Training Organization-Private Education Institution offering a wide range of security related courses which covers the WSQ requirements for security officers of different levels. I had the opportunity to be trained there and found the environment and dedication of the trainers more than met our expectations.  We were confident that APRO would be able to provide the best training for our officers.

When Weers Lawrence Norman joined the company, we saw the potential in him and decided to upgrade his skills by sending him to APRO for training.  After completing his courses at APRO, Lawrence had a better understanding of the job scope and performed well.  Thus, he progressed to higher levels in the company.  Besides excellent training facilities, the registration for courses at APRO is seamless and hassle free and the administrative support was excellent. The sales staff was very helpful and have good knowledge of the courses.  They always provided us with very good advice on the suitable courses for our officers.

Overall the services that APRO Training Center provide are impressive and they are our first-choice training center.