Gaayatiri Palaninathan

I have completed basic SO and SSO courses and I am currently pursuing additional PAPP, bag check and X-ray screening courses.

I strongly recommend APRO.

Nothing short of sheer excellence in lectures delivered by highly competent and motivating lecturers and trainers.

Special mention for Mr Rama, Mr Gomes and Mr Lye as well as Mr Stanley and Mr Toh Poh Leng.

Mr Lye is an excellent teacher mentor and would go a long way in ensuring excellent competence in all his students as he goes the extra mile like a true teacher to guide ,motivate and encourage students to excel.
His lecture delivery is very detailed and he displays the qualities of a true, dedicated teacher in every sense of the word.

Mr Lye, thank you for going the extra mile for ensuring I was competent enough to pass X-ray screening photos test when I was initially failing.

Thank you all.

17 Sep 2021