G Vasu Theavan

As a beneficiary of Chellan’s courses, I am indebted to say a few words about the most endeared and dedicated trainer of APRO Training Centre.

Chellan takes his dedication to another level by providing detailed facts supporting his courses to participants for them to be prepared for their upcoming assessment. His lessons are always well- structured, and he makes lessons as comprehensive as possible by bringing in lots of examples.

Chellan also possesses a friendly and approachable disposition. He is knowledgeable, understanding, supportive and detail oriented. He is a good speaker, very welcoming and always ready to help the course participants. Chellan goes the extra mile to explain and recap contents thoroughly after every session which is extremely useful for us because it provides a summary of important points, which we may forget after a whole two days of lectures.

His feedback on our mock assessments is always very detailed which helps us tremendously in the final assessment test. Chellan is a great trainer, who has great passion for his job and cares for his course participants. He is an asset to APRO Training Centre.

He is an extremely passionate trainer, making teaching easier for him and learning easier for us. Chellan tries to understand his course participants within such a short period of time. Without his guidance, I would not have completed four courses within a short period of time.

Chellan Sir, Keep up your good work!