Capability Development (Achieve Work Effectiveness in Security Environment)

Achieve Work Effectiveness in Security Environment is a WSQ Security Diploma module that equips participants on the theoretical and practical skills to effectively manage duties when working in the security sector.

This module would be based on the following three scenarios:

  • You are the Operations persons working off-site for a Security Guarding Agency assigned to manage one of their sites.
  • You have just been hired as a Security Manager/Supervisor for an organization to manage the security team that is outsourced from a Security Guarding Agency.
  • You have just been hired as a Security Manager/Supervisor for an organization to manage the in-house security team.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Obtain and review assignment instructions and relevant information to identify organizational and client requirements
  • Identify personal work responsibilities and confirm with appropriate person within organization
  • Prioritize and schedule work tasks for completion within designated time frames
  • Identify factors contributing to completion of work tasks and develop solutions to address variances to operational plans as appropriate
  • Discuss and obtain approval for variances to operational plan from appropriate person
  • Maintain relevant record keeping and documentations

For whom

Security Supervisors with Full Advanced Certificates, Security Agency Managers, Security Operations Managers, Chief Security Officers, Security Executives

Entry Requirements (must have one of the following):

  • GCE N pass in English or equivalent (NTC 2, NITEC, SPM pass English); or
  • Attained WPLN Level 4 or equivalent; or
  • Attained Advanced Certificate in Security; or
  • At least 2 years working as a Security Supervisor

* Those who do not meet the entry requirements will be subjected to interview before acceptance.

Course Duration and Timings
16 training hours (2 days) 0900hrs to 1800hrs daily
Summative Assessment by APRO – 2 weeks after course date (1.5 hours)
Interview by APRO – 1 week after written assessment (0.5 hour)

Course Fees:

Full Course Fees $872.00
With SSG Funding, ≥21 years old (Singaporeans and PRs) $472.00
With SSG Funding, ≥40 years old (Singaporeans only) $312.00

Funding expiry: 17 Dec 2024

Course Code:

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