Training after Basic Licensing Units? Training for Skills

The general perception is that once you have fulfilled the training conditions to get your security licence, you do not need to go for training anymore.

In fact, there is more to the security industry that what meets the eye – there are security courses catered to each specialised job role to help officers do their work better.

Mandatory Courses for Specific Job Roles

Officers have to undergo training before they could perform the following job roles:

Job RoleTraining Requirements
Operating X-ray machineSecurity Screening Management (Conduct Security Screening Using X-Ray Machine) 
Operating at protected areas/protected placesDeterrence (Perform Security Duties at Protected Areas and Protected Places)
Using hand-held metal detectors (HHMD) and walk-through metal detectorsSecurity Screening Management (Conduct Security Screening of Person and Bag)

Recommended Courses for Specific Job Roles

While the following courses are not mandatory for security officers to undergo before they take on the tasks, it is highly recommended that officers go for the training to understand the theoretical and practical aspects of these duties:

Job RoleRecommended Training
Performing security search on vehiclesSecurity Screening Management (Conduct Security Screening and Search of Vehicles) 
Management of traffic and crowdCrowd and Traffic Control Management (Conduct Crowd and Traffic Control)
Operating a security command centreAccess Control Management (Perform Security Command Centre Activities at Client’s Premises)


The security sector in Singapore has been transforming, with the introduction of the Progressive Wage Model and efforts from various stakeholders to transform the sector, the job of the security officer is shifting away from a low-value, dead-end job to a career that is professional and important.