PEI Student Advisory Note

The advisory note points to important information that prospective students should read and understand or be briefed on before they sign up with a PEI. The information listed in the advisory note can be found in various resources such as the PEI’s student contract, student handbook, website, publications and notices.

This note is for a prospective student.

You are strongly encouraged to thoroughly research on the private education institution (PEI) conducting the course before signing up for any course. You should consider, for example, the reputation of the PEI, the teacher-student ratio of its classes, the qualifications of the teaching staff, and the course materials provided by the PEI.

By signing and returning the Student Contract (the “Contract”), you agree to the terms and conditions which will bind you and the PEI, if you accept the PEI’s offer of a place in a course of study offered or provided by the PEI.

You should ask the PEI to allow you to read a copy of the Contract (with all blanks filled in and options selected) in both English and the official language of your home country, if necessary. For your own protection, you should review all the PEI’s policies, and check carefully that you agree to all the terms of the Contract, including the details relating to each of the following sections, before signing the Contract:

The duration of the course, including holidays and examination schedules, and contact hours by days and week;
The total fees payable, including course fees and other related costs;
Dates when respective payments are due;
The refund policy in the event of voluntary withdrawal (by you) or enforced dismissal from the course or programme (by PEI);
The Fee Protection Scheme you are subscribed to and its coverage;
The dispute resolution methods available; and
Information about the PEI’s policies on academic and disciplinary matters.
The degree or diploma or qualification which will be awarded to you upon successful completion of the course.

If you have any doubt about the contents of the Contract, or if the terms are different from what the agent or the PEI have informed you previously, or advertised, you should always seek advice and/or clarifications before signing the Contract.