Contingency Management (Assess and Manage Security Risk Control Measures)

Assess and Manage Security Risk Control Measures is a Security WSQ Diploma module tailored to equip learners with security risk management skills. The course will cover the end-to-end process of security risk management, which includes skills such as – assessment of the risks, preparation of a plan, development and implementation of measures and evaluation of the measures implemented.

This module would be based on the following three scenarios:

  • You are the Operations person working off-site for a Security Guarding Agency assigned to manage one of their sites.
  • You have just been hired as a Security Manager/Supervisor for an organization to manage the security team that is outsourced from a Security Guarding Agency.
  • You have just been hired as a Security Manager/Supervisor for an organization to manage the in-house security team.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Assess potential security risks
  • Prepare security risk management plan
  • Develop security risk control measures
  • Implement security risk control measures
  • Evaluate security risk control measures
  • Present report

For whom

Security Supervisors with Full Advanced Certificate, Security Agency Managers, Security Operations Managers, Chief Security Officers, Security Executives

Entry Requirements

  • GCE N pass in English or equivalent (NTC 2, NITEC, SPM pass English); or
  • Attained WPLN Level 4 or equivalent; or
  • Attained Advanced Certificate in Security; or
  • At least 2 years working as a Security Supervisor

* Those who do not meet the entry requirements will be subjected to interview before acceptance.

Course Duration and Timings:

39.5 training hours (5 days) 0900hrs to 1800hrs daily
Summative Assessment by POLWEL – 3 weeks after course date (1.5 hours)
Interview by POLWEL – 1 week after written assessment (1 hour)

Course Fees:

Full Course Fees $872.00
With SSG Funding, ≥21 years old (Singaporeans and PRs) $472.00
With SSG Funding, ≥40 years old (Singaporeans only) $312.00

Funding expiry: 29 Dec 2026

Course Code:

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